Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah :

In Navabrindavanam, nine of the great Madhwa (belonging to the kith and kin of Madhwacharya,the founder of the Dwaita or dualism tenets) are eternally resting , still alive in the ' brindavanas' are the tombs of their resting places.

Sri Padmanabha Thirtha

Sri Padmanabha Thirtha was one of the earliest disciples of Acharya Madhva. After the departure of the Acharya, Padmanabha Thirtha became the head of the main matha.

Sri Jayathirtha

Sri Jayathirtha is one of stalwarts of Tattvavada, and is a very senior scholar of the Madhva hierarchy, being next only to Srimad Padmanabha Tirtha.

Sri Kavindra Thirtha

Shri Kavindra Thirtha was ordained in to Vedanta Samrajya of Shri Uttaradi Matha. Shri Kavindra Thirtha is supposed to be brother of Shri Rajendra Teertharu in his poorvashrama.

Sri Vageesa Thirtha

Shri Vagheesa Thirtha succeeded Shri Kavindra Thirtha on the pontifical throne of the Shri Utaradi Matha. Before initiation to sanyasa his name was Raghunathacharya.

Sri Srinivasa Thirtha

Sri Srinivasa Thirtha outstanding authority on the Sri Nyaya Sudha, he completely dedicated himself to conducting discourses on the same throughout his tenure.

Sri Vyasaraja Thirtha

Sri Vyasaraja Thirtha is probably the scholar of Tattvavaada held in highest esteem next to Sri Jayatirtha. His work has been to write detailed on the works of Srimad Ananda Tirtha.

Sri Rama Thirtha

Sri Rama Thirtha commenced his spiritual life as a Bhakta of God and then turned to Vedanta, studying under the inspiration of Sri Madhava Tirtha of the Dwaraka Math.

Sri Sudheendhra Thirtha

Sri Sudheendra Thirtha was lookout for a successor to carry on the glorious tradition of his matha. The more he saw of Venkatanatha, the greater was his conviction that he was the right successor.

Sri Govinda Odeyaru

Sri Govinda Thirtha, who, was an advaitee pontiff so far, felt the need for joining Madhwa Tathva and the importance of Vaishnavatva and he surrendered before the feet of Sri Vyasarajaru